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 ====== Downloads ====== ====== Downloads ======
-We rely **exclusively** on our [[..:​pvdl:​start|PvDL script]] to automagically ​build your downloads page, and to link each product ​pages to the latest version ​downloads.+We rely **exclusively** on our [[..:​pvdl:​start|PvDL script]] to automatically ​build your download pages and link each product ​page to the latest ​available product ​version.
-So you will have to install ​it on another website, ​and then sned us the URL of your installed ​PvDL script.+You will therefore need to install ​our PvDL script ​on an other server ​and send us the URL of your PvDL script ​installation.
 ===== Hosting it on a subdomain ===== ===== Hosting it on a subdomain =====
-The cleanest way to do it is to create an entry in your DNS to point to your hosting service, Ie:+The cleanest way to do so is to create an entry in your DNS to point to your hosting service. Example ​:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 download.mycompany.com. CNAME hosting.myprovider.com download.mycompany.com. CNAME hosting.myprovider.com
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-===== Hosting it without subdomain ===== +===== Hosting it without ​subdomain ===== 
-You could either ​directly point to the URL of your space at your provider shared hostingbut this way less elegant, because ​your visitors would see this URL when they downloads+You could also directly point to the URL of your space from your provider'​s ​shared hosting but this is not very elegant ​as your visitors would see that URL when downloading files.
 ===== Recommanded Hosting Company ===== ===== Recommanded Hosting Company =====
-We gently ​suggest you to use [[http://​www.ovh.ie/​web-hosting|OVH]]the first hosting company in Europe and the third biggest on the planet, to rent web space for as low as 1.99 EUR per month.+We strongly ​suggest ​that you look at [[http://​www.ovh.ie/​web-hosting|OVH]] ​(the first hosting company in Europe and the third biggest on the planet), to rent web server ​space for your downloads ​for as low as 1.99 EUR per month.
-With this plan you would get: +With this plan you get : 
   * 100GB of disk space   * 100GB of disk space
-  * unlimited ​bandwith +  * Unlimited ​bandwith 
-  * Full DNS servers ​administration +  * Full DNS server ​administration 
-  * 10 emails ​accounts +  * 10 email accounts 
-  * 3 POP CDN+  * 3 POP CDN
-You can even upgrade to get 250GB (+100 emails) or 500GB (+1000 emails) disk space for 4.99 to 9.99 EUR per month !+You can even upgrade to 250GB (+100 emails) or 500GB (+1000 emails) disk space for respectively ​4.99€ to 9.99€ per month !
-//We not affiliated with them in any way, but being satisfied ​customer ​for over ten years, we can attest they are making serious business for a ridiculous ​price !//+//We are not affiliated with OVH in any way, but being very satisfied ​with their services ​for over ten years, we can simply ​attest ​that they offer incredible web services at ridiculous ​prices ​!//
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