Web Hosting

One of the most time-consuming tasks for an independent developers is having to built and manage a fully operational manufacturer website. That implies creating a well structured website that contains product pages, software information, system requirements, download links, company information, FAQs, Support pages, company information, etc…

What's Included

Plugivery offers the service to host your website pages, as well as static medias linked from it (images, CSS layouts, press material, etc). You will therefore take advantage of a fully data driven website with many useful features listed here.

What's Not Included

At this time, Plugivery does not provide hosting for other services such as :

  • emails
  • DNS
  • software downloads
  • subdomains hosting
  • domain name registration

While Plugivery can fully host your website, you'll still need to contract a hosting company to get the previously listed services. You will then simply need to link your main domain name and www to our server, from your hosting company's DNS.

Manuals found in this section