If you want to collaborate on the PvDL project to add some cool features, fix bugs, request features, or simply report issues, you are more than welcome…


We're working with GitLab that provides a collaborative environment which inludes Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and a wiki.

You can therefore use GitLab to contribute to the development, get the latest PvDL version, discuss new features and report bugs using the issue tracking system.

Ask for your Account

Please contact us at : web AT . We will gratefully add you to our private GitLab repository. To create your Git user account, simply provide us with :

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company name
  • Your email address for Git
  • Optionally, your public SSH public key (you can do that later by yourself)

Once created, we will send an email with your credentials that you will use to log-in at :

Add your public SSH key

Gitlab uses SSH keys to authenticate you.

You can also use your username/password credentials, but that is a less convenient method on the run.

Push to the "develop" branch

If you want to submit some commits, please make a Pull Request using Gitlab but make sure to push it into the develop branch only.

Pull Requests directly pushed to the Master branch will simply be ignored !