Private Directory

Once authorised, you will receive your FTP credentials to acces your own private directory.

Your private directory is organised like this :

  • conf/ : Contains your configuration (php) files.
  • css/ : Contains your CSS stylesheet(s).
  • img/ : Contains your own visuals.
  • press/ : Contains your press media files.


This is where you'll find all your configuration files:

  • site.php : your main site configuration file
  • faqs.php : your FAQs configuration files


Use this folder to upload your own stylesheets :

  • custom.css : That is the default stylesheet called from your site. You may customise it at your convenience.
  • You might need to add additional stylesheets in this folder…


This is where your own images are and called from your custom stylesheet. You may organise it as you want, create subfolders, etc.


All of your press files are located in that folder and will be linked from the 'about/press' page on your site.

  • Name it the way you want it to appear on the link button.
  • Never use spaces in your file names. Please use '_' (underscores) that will automatically be replaced by spaces.