FAQs Page

The conf/faqs.php contains all of your FAQs texts.

This is a php file, that contains an array of string variables


Each of your FAQs are defined as the following :

$pvw_conf['faqs']['SECTION']['INDEX']['q']	="(question) TEXT";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['SECTION']['INDEX']['a']	="(answer) TEXT";


  • SECTION is the section in which your FAQs are sorted.
  • INDEX is a unique index for this section. question/answer pairs can be a number or a string.
  • TEXT can be any string that can even include HTML tags (like long answers that might need LI or P tags.

Here is an example :

$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['1']['q']	="I have a question ?";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['1']['a']	="This is our Answer.";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['2']['q']	="I have another question ?";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['2']['a']	="This is another Answer.";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['spammer']['q']="Can I send Spam ?";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['general']['spammer']['a']="Of course you can, but to martians only";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['support']['1']['q']      ="Will you come to my place to repair my software ?";
$pvw_conf['faqs']['support']['1']['a']      ="Of course we will and we'll even bring coffee.";


Sections are totally optional but they can be very useful if you want to separate your FAQs into different sections, especially if you plan to print many FAQs. If you don't need or want to use sections, simply put all of your FAQs content within the same section such as 'general' and no sections will be displayed.

Each section index used in FAQ definitions must be named using the following syntax:

$pvw_conf['faqs_sections']['SECTION']		="NAME";

Where :

  • SECTION is the section index used for FAQs definitions.
  • NAME is the title that will be used for each of the sections.

Example :

$pvw_conf['faqs_sections']['general']="General Questions";
$pvw_conf['faqs_sections']['support']="Support Questions";


FAQs are groupped by sections and sorted as :

  • First in the order the $pvw_conf['faqs_sections'] are defined in the configuration file,
  • Then in the order the $pvw_conf['faqs'] are defined in the configuration file.