Custom CSS

You can customise the css/custom.css to design your website at your company's look and feel.

This stylesheet is loaded at the very end which means that you can override any styles from there.

Bootstrap Based

Our website templates are mainly based on the industry standart Boostrap CSS that are used by major sites including Twitter who created Bootstrap and uses it to display their pages.

One of the main advantages of using Bootstrap is that it is fully responsive by default. This means that pages will automatically adapt to any browser's page sizes including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

Therefore, while you design your website, please keep in mind to check your pages using various page widths making sure they are always correctly displayed on any of the devices listed above. You may prefer to bypass this functionally, going the “old-school” way. You would then simply need to use a fixed 'container width' within your CSS template.

Using Bootstrap premade themes

If you're not into designing your own CSS stylesheets, you could start from one of the thousands bootstrap themes available on the web.

You will find some great ones here :

Warning ! Please note that despite the fact that we have based our templates on Bootstrap and that you won't be able to alter the HTML page layout, we cannot guarantee that ALL commercial templates will fully adapt to your website.

To quickly test an external Bootstrap theme, you can simply add the following to your custom.css file at the top :

/* Import superhero BootStrap Theme EXTERNALLY from MaxCdn */
 @import url("//");

If you are pleased with an external theme, we strongly suggest that you NEVER rely on an external server call (except for a well established CDN). If the external server ever happened to fail responding, your site would load very slowly and would look real bad without the CSS stylesheet. You should therefore copy the CSS (and all of its dependencies) to a subfolder within the CSS directory, perhaps like this :

/* Import superhero BootStrap Theme from a LOCAL superhero_theme sub-directory */
 @import url("superhero_theme/bootstrap.min.css");

Adding your own styles

The custom.css file can be filled to override any Styles defined either by the Bootstrap CSS or from our own default stylesheets.

We did our very best to use only Bootstrap blocks, buttons, etc, to comply with all Bootstrap themes. But in some cases, we had to add custom DIVs to implement some layout that where not available within Bootstrap.

We also did our very best to make each DOM element easely accessible by using various classes and IDs, each of them prefixed by pvw and clearly named. We've also tagged the body tag with a pvwBody_XXX id that is unique to each page, allowing you to access each page styles individually.

If you ever miss a CSS declaration to access a specific DOM element, please feel free to contact us, to suggest new class definitions.