Boxes Block

The boxes block is a special preset block that allows you to quickly create multiple colums. Depending on the number of boxes you have defined, the site will display Bootstrap columns, each one containing a box with :

  • An (optionnal) title
  • A piece of text that can contain any HTML tags.

Column numbers can only be : 2,3,4,6 or 12.

Activating Boxes

You'll first need to activate the 'boxes' block, where you want them to be displayed. Example :


You'll then need to define the list of boxes you want to display for each block type, using the following syntax :


Where :

  • TYPE Is the location where blocks appear : either home or foot
  • BOXNAME (BOXNAME1,BOXNAME2) are the name of your boxes. Note that this name is used in the CSS ID and therefore should only include letters, digits underscores or hyphens. (Never use “spaces” when naming a box)

Example :


Defining Boxes

To correctly define a box, you should use the following syntax

$pvw_conf['boxes']['MY_NAME']['title']  ="MY_TITLE";

Where :

  • MY_NAME is the unique name of a box, as defined in the boxes_on array.
  • MY_TITLE (optionnal) is the title shown on the top of the box.
  • MY_CONTENT (required) is the content of the box that can be either plain text or HTML.

Example :

$pvw_conf['boxes']['box_home1']['title']  ="Version 5 released";
$pvw_conf['boxes']['box_home1']['content']="We have released a new version of "Analoger" that you will find in our Download page ";
$pvw_conf['boxes']['box_home2']['title']  ="Special Promo";
<p>We are currently running a great promo on "Analoger" sold at only $49</p>
<p><a href=''>Check out the details here</a></p>";
//$pvw_conf['boxes']['box_home3']['title']=''; // no title needed for this box
$pvw_conf['boxes']['box_home3']['content']="<a href=''><img src='/static/domain_name/img/box3_img.jpg'></a>";