Site Blocks

Blocks are pieces of HTML code that can be added to either :

  • The Home Page
  • The Footer section of each page

They are all OFF by default and should be activated using the following syntax :


Where :

  • TYPE Is the type of blocks that can either be home or foot
  • BLOCK_NAME Is the name of a “preset” or a “custom” block

The blocks will then be displayed in the order in which they are listed in the array. Example :


Preset Blocks

We have created a few blocks that allow you to quickly add popular features to your Home Page or Footer. Below is the list of the actually available blocks :

  • carousel Displays a pretty carousel of products. All options that can be changed are listed in your Private Area (see the Site configuration Basics)
  • jumbo : Displays a full width Bootstrap “jumbotron” block, containing your SiteName and your Baseline.
  • jumbo2 : Same as “jumbo”, but the block width is inserted inside of a “container” DIV.
  • boxes : Simple template to displays nice “boxes” spreaded as columns.
  • custom : Is used for custom HTML content.

Custom Blocks

Apart from preset blocks, custom blocks allow you to create HTML content that you can insert among preset blocks. You'll need to define each custom block as follow :


Where you'll need to replace :

  • NAME by the name of the custom block, starting with 'custom'. Example :“custom”, “custom1”, “custom_desc” etc. Note that this name is used in the CSS ID name and therefore should only include letters, digits, underscores or hyphens. (Never use spaces in the name)
  • YOUR_HTML is the right place to insert your own HTML code.


<div class="container">
  <H2>Analoger Just Released!<H2>
  <a href="/products/p226-Analoger"><img src="/static/domain_name/img/analoger.jpg"></a>

Warning ! Like most languages, depending on the enclosing quote type, quotes or double quotes should be escaped from the php strings. (See php string. If you have many quotes to escape, using the heredoc syntax might be a smarter workaround.

Customizing a Preset Block

If you dont like the way a preset block is set, you can use your own custom block to rebuild it at your convenience. You only need to:

  • Activate the preset block like the 'carousel'.
  • Copy its content from the generated HTML page source.
  • Paste it in a custom block, like 'custom_carousel'
  • Change it the way you want it to be.
  • Activate your custom block and deactivate the preset one you used at start.