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We rely exclusively on our PvDL script to automagically build your downloads page, and to link each product pages to the latest version downloads.

So you will have to install it on another website, and then sned us the URL of your installed PvDL script.

Hosting it on a subdomain

The cleanest way to do it is to create an entry in your DNS to point to your hosting service, Ie: CNAME

Hosting it without subdomain

You could either directly point to the URL of your space at your provider shared hosting, but this way less elegant, because your visitors would see this URL when they downloads

Recommanded Hosting Company

We gently suggest you to use OVH, the first hosting company in Europe and the third biggest on the planet, to rent a web space for as low as 1.99 EUR per month.

With this plan you would get:

  • 100GB of disk space
  • unlimited bandwith
  • Full DNS servers administration
  • 10 emails accounts
  • a 3 POP CDN

You can even upgrade to get 250GB (+100 emails) or 500GB (+1000 emails) disk space for 4.99 to 9.99 EUR per month !

We not affiliated with them in any way, but being a satisfied customer for over ten years, we can attest they are making serious business for a ridiculous price !