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Required Information

To install your site, we need all your manufacturer's information as well as all your products informations. You should already have send us the filled Manufacturer Form and Product Form. When we have recorded them in the database, therefore most of your site features should be available.

But some features rely on some Database fields to be correctly filled. Here is the list of information that we need to enter, in order to activate the corresponding feature on your site

You currently have to send us these information by email, but we are in the way to create online forms that will allow your to change it yourself fastly.

Company Description

Your About Us page is build from the company description you have sent to us. If you have a better one to submit, please do send us by email.

Social Networks

In order to activate socials Links and Widgets on your site, the following information are needed:

  • Youtube Account : mandatory to activate the news/videos page
  • Facebook Page : mandatory to activate various widget as well as link to your Facebook page
  • Twitter Account : mandatory to link to your Twitter page

If you don't have such accounts, we strongly suggest you to create them, and then send us the corresponding information. Nowadays, being present on socials network can greatly increase your web popularity, and thus your sales ;-)


Forums is a traditionnal way of keeping in touch with your customer, collect feedback, and provide support. Il you don't already have a forum, we can freely crete you one from the Plugivery Forums that would be linked from your Website.

While you (and your team) will be the moderators on your own forums, you will benefit from our whole users community, and to our Support team to answer common questions for you.